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Recap: The Bachelorette Season 16 Episode 6 & 7

By Carlin Manning
Published in Recaps
November 28, 2020
4 min read

So I don’t know about everyone else but, this season has given me the same affect as Daylight Savings time. I never know if it’s time for a rose ceremony or a group date or one-on-one so we will just be breaking down episode 6 and 7 together.

Episode 6 begins with a group date involving Montel, Bennett, Joe, Chasen, Ben, Ed, Demar, and Ivan. The date is led by Bach Nation faves Ashley I and Jared and is a serious of tests to find out which man will be crowned a Grown Ass Man. It consisted of a math and spelling test, a tug of war competition, and breakfast in bed competition. Bennett, despite being a Harvard grad really bombed the spelling and math test. However, he really impressed Tayshia, Ashley, and Jared in the breakfast in bed competition and was crowned a Grown Ass Man. Ed was given the Man-Child award and had to carry around one of those crying babies they give out in high school that he affectionately named Carlos.

During the evening portion of the date Bennett, Ed, and Chasen start to bicker. Shortly after it turns into a feud between Ed and Chasen. Ed questions Chasen’s authenticity and then decided to use all of his Tayshia time to throw Chasen under the bus and say he was chasing Instagram followers. Ed then comes back to the group and tells Chasen that he was talking about him.

Here’s what the real takeaway is that their feud is really childish involving words like chicken legs, shmedium, and jibber jabber. We learn that Chasen’s nickname is Wolverine and will continue to refer to himself as such in the future.

We saw Tayshia make connections with Ben and Ivan, with ultimately Ivan getting the group date rose.

After the group date we go to the rose ceremony. Chasen addresses the group and let’s them all know his character was called into question to Tayshia and that if anyone else has anything to say now is the time. Ed stands by what he has said. Chasen let’s them all know he’s got a new word to describe Tayshia that he didn’t use for Clare which is SMOKESHOW! To which all the men snicker.

Tayshia continues to make some great connections while Ed decides to use his time again to talk about Chasen. Tayshia confronts Chasen again and tells him he needs to make up with Ed. Zac steps in as a moderator and is able to make a nice connection with Tayshia during their time.

During the rose ceremony Peter, Montel, and Jay did not get roses and are sent home. Chasen and Ed did indeed get roses to Ed’s dismay.

The next group date involves wrestling while oiled up. Eazy, Brendan, Joe, Jordan, Spencer, Ben, Ed, and Chasen were chosen for the group date. As you could imagine everyone is feeling the tension of an Ed/Chasen smackdown coming on. After doing a little practice the men wrestle in front of a live audience (i.e. the other men not on the date because quarantine bubble.) Finally, the time comes for Chasen and Ed to fight and Ed decides to sit this one out due to an old shoulder injury, even though we saw him lifting weights and doing shoulder shrugs earlier in the episode. Chris asks if anyone wants to step up and fight for Tayshia, so Noah jumps in the ring to fight Chasen. Ultimately, Chasen wins but Tayshia asks Noah to come to the group date.

The men don’t really like Noah and definitely don’t like that he was asked to come on the date. Brendan and Tayshia continue to build on their relationship. Tayshia asks Noah to shave his mustache and they do. Ben tells us his plan to go last and ultimately doesn’t get to talk to her. She wasn’t feeling that and doesn’t give him any time. Noah gets the group date rose to the men’s dismay.


Bennett, Ivan, Blake, Riley, Demar, Kenny, Zac were invited on a date in which they had to write and perform an original song for Tayshia. Overall, they were pretty rough but Bennett did rhyme Harvard degree with brie so that was fun. Ultimately Ivan brought Tayshia onstage with him and read her a poem and got to spend more time with her on a one-on-one as a result. They had the biggest ice cream sundae ever and played games like the floor is lava and Twister. They really connected over their family backgrounds, discussed the current political and social climates and how that has affected them and formed a much deeper connection. Ivan got the rose.

Zac, Kenny, Demar, Bennett, Riley, Blake then go on another group date hosted by Becca and Sydney, Truth or Dare. Noah pisses the men off by stating he wishes he got more time.

For the Dare portion, The men have to drink nasty smoothies, make weird sex noises into a phone with the speaker being over the whole resort, and then had to eat a ridiculously hot pepper and then profess their love for her on one knee.

For the Truth portion, she spent a lot of quality time with the men getting to know some truths. She makes deeper connections with Bennett, Zac and Blake but ultimately gives the rose to Zac.

Ben is still really upset that he didn’t get time so he orders room service and spends some one on one time with Tayshia in her villa. We see Ed heading to Tayshia’s room also but ultimately get’s sent to Chris Harrison’s room where they sit and chat and have a glass of wine for a little while. Ben and Tayshia makeup but he doesn’t tell the guys he went by her room.

The rose ceremony starts with Noah acknowledging that some men are unhappy with him. During Noah’s time with Tayshia he tells her that the guys are saying she just gave him the rose for drama or for show.

Tayshia then goes and tells all the men what Noah has said to which they are all confused because no one actually said the things Noah was saying. She tells them she is very upset that the men would think shes giving out roses to create drama and not being intentional with roses. She ends the cocktail party and the men are dumbfounded. They ask who spoke with her last and Noah sheepishly admits it was him. The men went off on Noah and the rose ceremony commenced. Jordan, Kenny, Chase, and Joe did not receive roses.

We can’t wait to see what happens next week!

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