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The Bachelorette Drinking Game: Premiere Night

By Guess the Rose Team
Published in Fun
October 12, 2020
1 min read

Don’t you hate it when you’re looking for an apple pie recipe but first you have to scroll through 15 paragraphs of how the blogger and their kids went to the orchard and it was a chilly day and their husband really loves this pie, and… Gosh, just give us the recipe!! So, here’s the goods, right up front 😉

Printable Versions:
Black and White

Pour yourself a glass, and get ready. It is the most dramatic season ever, after all.

Take a Sip:

  • If a contestant says “can I steal…”
  • If a contestant makes a pun out of their career
  • If a contestant is a former pro athlete or an influencer
  • If a contestant brings Clare a gift
  • If COVID-19 is mentioned

Take Two Sips:

  • If a contestant takes his shirt off or arrives shirtless
  • If a contestant shares a sad backstory
  • Each time a kiss occurs on screen
  • If a contestant cries
  • If a contestant says “I didn’t get my time”

Finish Your Drink:

  • If a contestant makes an entry on or with a horse
  • If a contestant leaves on their own accord
  • If Clare cries
  • If a drink is spilled during the episode
  • When the first impression rose is awarded!

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